8-26-2010 Mantra Pt 4 - Phật Âm

8-26-2010 Mantra Pt 4 - Phật Âm

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Miêu tả

I just finished this a couple hours ago and built a video to go with it. I call it "Zen Music" but actually "Zen-like" would be more appropriate for this piece. Though I played it totally live in my studio - with the help of my sampler - it's not a work of complete improvisation as I had the tabla and sitar samples constructed and saved as a sequence. I built the rest on top of these using improvised melodies on both the Synthesizers.com synth and the Mellotron Flutes and Cello. I chose the ocean waves for the video because once again they make a great graphic to stare at while the music reveals itself to you. The scene reminds me of a place we used to go when I was a kid living in Washington called Kalaloch. So come with me now to the ocean and let the music take your mind somewhere. . .

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