Such soothing instrumental ambient , 10 minute relax - by Paul Collier (02) - Phật Âm

Such soothing instrumental ambient , 10 minute relax - by Paul Collier (02) - Phật Âm

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Enjoy smooth relaxing beautiful music, no words, a gentle instrumental, Take a break from your busy life *** FREE DOWNLOAD NOW OUT only from.... Please Subscribe to my channel if you enjoy my music 10 minute relax by Paul Collier. ©, 2007, 2009 All rights reserved. http I hope you enjoy listening to my music, I value your ratings/feedback and comments. subscribing (click the yellow button above :)to my channel helps to keep my music in the YouTube search results for others to enjoy and notifys you when I upload brand new music also. I am unsigned/I do not have a record label so your support is vital to me and greatly appreciated! I am thankful to each and every SUBSCRIBER Take 10 minutes out of your day to do nothing, switch off your phone, close your eyes and whilst listening to the music imagine yourself on a golden beach or in the countryside. When the music finishes you have had 10 minutes. Please visit my website to DOWNLOAD my music directly from me. If you visit my YouTube channel page here... http you will be able to hear my latest compositions and listen to PLAYLISTS of my music (no need to select new videos, each one will automatically play after the previous piece) Thank you for listening. Paul :)

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