Om Chanting for Meditation - Phật Âm

Om Chanting for Meditation - Phật Âm

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Track: Meditation Music with Om Chants Artist: Pt. Ved Prakash Phondani&Chorus Album: Chintan Om is complete in itself. Om is chanted whether one is praying to the Nirgun or to the Sagun. Since ages, man by nature has been praying to one or the other. It's this obeisance, which makes man evolved and different from the other living beings. But if a person has to get out of the cycle of life, death and rebirth, then he must do meditation of the supreme Om. In fact, in this universe, only Om is complete in all respects and forms. It is for this reason that our great sage Ved Vyas has said, "Pranvam Mantranam Setu," meaning Om is the bridge to God. Therefore every mantra as given in the Vedas starts and ends with Om. Om is the essence of all mantras. Om is the Shakti, the power, which lies within the mantras. Without the power of Om, the mantras would not have the power to bestow the divine grace on the person. Thus meditation of Om is beneficial to man. Om is the name of Brahman and is symbolic of the consciousness. Om is Brahman itself.

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