Meditation / Relaxation Music - Phật Âm

Meditation / Relaxation Music - Phật Âm

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Let yourself be taken in by the slow melodic sound, the beautiful images, and relax. Everyone deserves to be at peace with themselves. -------------------------------------------------- This is my first attempt at making a video, but the artwork and music are beautiful. I happily introduce (or re-introduce) you to both artists... If you'd like to visit the gallery of the artist responsible for this wonderful trip through different galaxies, you may click here: The music is 'Herd Forming' by Mooma. You can visit their site here -------------------------------------------------- A Tip for improving sound quality is by adding the following to the end of any Youtube video in the address bar:&fmt=18 Don't ask me why, but try it for yourself and hear the difference. Above all else, Enjoy!

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