Buddhist Chants&Peace Music - Hanshan Temple - Phật Âm

Buddhist Chants&Peace Music - Hanshan Temple - Phật Âm

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animation created by scripting the Fireworks paint program to draw a series of pictures with hand-scripted star shapes. Plus a minor bit of Fireworks scripting to do the fading title at the start. the star shape has 5x12 sides - where each of the 5 sets of 12 cycle through a min to max length at different frequencies. The frequencies involve prime number factors such that the overall shape will not exactly repeat til well beyond the lenght of the anim. .. tho small segments may look similar. Each of the 5 sets of 12 sides leads to a point with an unvarying angle consistent with a 12 sided regular polygon. .. oh, and each star drawing was normalised in size to fit on the page and had a radial colour gradient fill and radial smear added. a total of 18301 png files were created. These were integrated into an uncompressed 12 GB vid with an audio track added using VirtualDub. (where the "Bob Dobbs" and "mijj" logos were added) The result of this was converted to an mp4 with h264 video and aac audio using MeGUI (where the end fade to black was added in the AviSynth script). The time consuming part of this was trying to get YouTube to recognise this as HQ35 - so the HQ button shows up by itself - but nooooooo .. i think this vid comresses so well that HQ18 is the highest quality needed - and they dont give you a button for that up front. .. the bastids.

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