Ayurveda Music ~ Buddhist Meditation ~ Zen Garden - Phật Âm

Ayurveda Music ~ Buddhist Meditation ~ Zen Garden - Phật Âm

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'Vata' composed and produced by Harvey Summers - iTunes download here: itunes.apple.com Ayurveda encompasses all aspects of health and beauty, it is the traditional Hindu system of medicine and is around 3000 years old. Ayurvedic treatment is entirely holistic and focuses on balancing mind, body and spirit to form perfect harmony. Herbal medicine, prayer, massage, yoga and diet all play an important part in achieving Ayurvedic nirvana . The recording 'Vata' is taken form the Spiritual Vitamins CD release 'Ayurveda' by Harvey Summers. This album of deeply resonant, melodic and joyous music is the perfect accompaniment to massage, yoga and meditation. Ayurveda is a way of life and the perfect complement to any life style. Music samples for the CD can be hear on www.bluedotmusic.net

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