Namo Amituofo - Phật Âm

Namo Amituofo - Phật Âm

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Praise To Amitabha BuddhaThe Amitabha Buddha's body is the colour gold.The splendour of his brilliant light is beyond mind.The light of his brows illuminates a hundred worlds.His eyes are pure brilliant light, limitless like the oceans.In Amitabha's realm of infinite light, all beings are transformedAnd Enlightened into countless Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.His Forty Eight Vows ensure our liberationIn Nine Lotus Stages we reach the ultimate shore of Enlightenment.Homage to the Buddha of the Pure Land,Compassionate Amitabha Buddha.NAMO AMITABHA BUDDHA!NAMO AMITABHA BUDDHA!NAMO AMITABHA BUDDHA!Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own the audio file.I own only the video file.

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